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AUdio Lectures

Each subject area has several audio lectures reviewing common exam material. Each lecture is roughly 30-60 minutes in length. Perfect length for your commute to work, school..

study guides

For those who learn best with written content, we have provided study guides to accompany the lectures. They contain helpful diagrams , charts and tables to aid visualization.

the best practice exam

Our practice is superior quality. With a large questions bank, our exam randomizes questions to the timed practice exam. Each time you take it, its a different exam! The exam is formatted in the same manner as the actual exam, covering the same topics. Once completed, you will receive a detailed overview of your results allowing you to customize your study efforts.

1 year of support

PA Helpers is here for you! If you have a questions, concern, or just a general thought, we are here for you. Send us an email and we will respond promptly to your needs.

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PA Helpers has customized course material for the UK based on the matrix.

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Frequently asked questions

PA Helpers is designed for those who have completed a PA program and are preparing for the national exam. We cannot teach two full years of content in a prep course. Our course is designed to review material pertinent to the exam and highlight areas your strong and weak areas. You may then go back to study needed areas more thoroughly. 

PA Helpers provides audio lectures, study guides and a practice exam formatted to the actual exam. The UK material is based off of the matrix. The Canadian material is based off of the PACCC guide. 

The PA Helpers practice exam mimics the real exam. It is a timed exam with roughly 1 minute per question. The percentage of the practice exam covering each subject is equal to the actual exam. Our practice exam pulls questions randomly from a large questions bank so each time you take the exam, it is a different exam-optimizing your exam skill development!

Your PA Helpers purchase lasts for one year. To date, 100% of PA Helper costumers have passed their exam. We are confident you will pass your exam if you utilize PA Helpers products. If, however, you do not pass your exam, we will extend life time access to PA Helpers course to support your continued pursuit. 

PA Helpers recommends starting your study efforts about 2 months prior your exam date. Part of passing the exam is knowledge base and part exam taking skills. Take the practice exam prior to reviewing course material. This will show your where your weak subjects are and where to focus your study efforts. Then spend time reviewing those areas and come back to the practice exam.  

Our clients say

"Thank you so much for all your help during exam prep! I have been meaning to message you guys after I found out that I passed the exam but I got so busy with job interviews and then started working...I completely forgot to message! So thank you so much!!"
-Bisma Amir
"I recently found out I passed my PACCC exam, most of whichis due to the amazing PA Helper course! I definitely could not have studied without it."
-Katrina PUllia
"Good experience, wonderful staff-very friendly and helpful. Review exam was also very helpful."

* Full refund if you do not pass the written portion of the national PA exam. You must have completed each section of the revision course in its entirety along with completing the practice exam twice, once prior to starting the course and once after completing the course. Guaranteed pass not applicable until July 2020.